A New World
Our Quest
Valhalla Awaits

A New World

From the shadows of internet past, a Web3 empire rises…
Just as the Old Gods foretold, the world of metaverse real estate bears an incredibly bright future.

Now, we Eternal Vikings voyage to lay claim to this vast empire of unimaginable prosperity.

The people of virtual real estate need a home - and the Eternal Vikings are ready to welcome the masses…

A sketch of a futuristic city


The path ahead shall be an epic adventure for the Eternal Vikings as we continue to establish our community-owned, W3b real estate venture. Data-driven, hive-researched and fueled by exploration, innovation and collaboration… The scale of our vision is like nothing seen before.

The treasury of our tribe shall grow in abundance as we acquire the most promising plots then establish bountiful models and progressive projects upon them.

With our ever-growing collective of partnered brands and community visionaries, we welcome every tribe member to discover, develop and profit from the finest expanses that the metaverse has to offer.

Our longships shall scour the furthest reaches of the metaverse as we forge a global community that champions inclusivity, transparency and potential!

Powered by the genius insights of our valued tribe, the community-owned W3b real estate venture of the Eternal Vikings shall not rest until we dominate the digital world.

A Sketch of an old map with a compass and a viking's navigation stone

Our Quest

Through a deep understanding of the lay of the land, the Eternal Vikings chart virtual real estate quests that are as tangible as they are profitable. 

By engaging with the communities of promising expanses, we work together with the inhabitants of lands to realize new heights of prosperity for all involved.

Our aspirations may be grand - but so are our resources. With our endless drive and expansive network, the Eternal Vikings shall be the first to identify and explore every existing and far-off metaverse real estate opportunity. 

By predicting the past and foreseeing the future, we continue to create a thriving community that combines its energies into a single, unstoppable force driven by the creation of collective value for all tribe members.

With the momentum of the masses and wind in our sails, we chart a course for digital domination…

A sketch of a vikings boat with Eternal Vikings logo on its sail

Valhalla Awaits...

The Viking Legend shall never die - we Eternal Vikings are simply writing its latest chapter… Valhalla stands for many things to just as many people…

To the passionate members of the Eternal Vikings, it means:
To be what anyone around the world thinks of when “virtual real estate” is mentioned.

Brothers and sisters - we shall not rest until we reach Valhalla! Prepare yourself for planned thrills, unexpected delights and many incredible developments as we voyage onward. 

Real and virtual world alike shall be stunned by the extent of our prosperity. Underground ventures and global brands alike shall call on us to guide them to glory, to realize the unreal.

To each and every one of them, we Eternal Vikings shall extend a hand…Truly, we consider the best quests those without an end. With the realm of virtual real estate’s limitless potential, we have a feeling this may be one such adventure…

A sketch of a feast table with a lot of food and drinks on it