Eternal Vikings


With legendary Viking spirit, we set sail across the metaverse to dominate digital lands.

Play Button with metal texture
Vikings handwriting
Compelled by the same
crusading call as the Vikings of millennia past, We’re voyaging
across the metaverse to claim what’s ours. Real and virtual world alike shall quake as our drums beat closer! Eternal Vikings is for everyone: the creatives, traders and hodlers. Opportunists, dreamers and metaverse believers.

For those who demand to do things differently, who do not feel alive unless they’re breaking new ground.

To the victors, early adopters and those late to the party, we say Skol! Driven by positivity and a hunger for expansion, we stake our claim across the vast lands of the metaverse.

Plot after plot, we grow our hoard of metaverse real estate. Utility after utility, we share our spoils with our fellow Vikings.

Ready to rise and revolutionize the world of Web3 real estate? Then armor up, Eternal Viking – we set sail for digital domination.