The EV Artwork

Eternal Vikings are redefining art in the Web3 realm with our unique, gaming-ready visual style.

The versatility of our signature art style will bring powerful visual energy to all future creations, collaborations and developments as we advance across the metaverse and influence its future.

Presenting 2.5D

The engaging artwork of Eternal Vikings features a unique blend of 2D and 3D styles combining fully modeled characters with a bespoke coloring and texturing strategy.

Eternal Vikings is a celebration of our appreciation of all forms of fantasy art. The 2.5D art style we have created captures the best of all worlds and transforms them into something new and unified.


The Eternal Vikings feature unique traits that draw on past, present and future, combining classic Viking symbolism, inspiration from countless iconic fantasy realms to present instantly recognizable characters with unique personalities.

Hand-drawn by a large team, we are taking our imagination to the limit - just as we are doing with the world of virtual real estate.

Sample Traits:

Limbheim Studio

A fantasy visual studio founded by industry enthusiasts including Anton Shvachkin (DOTA 2, Half-life) who currently works with Valve. Shvachkin’s team is united in their passion for fantasy visuals and regarded for visionary assets created for an unbelievable range of projects.

The Limbheim team consists of artists who bear a never-ending love for their work and are entirely dedicated to their craft, possessing all the skills to handle any type of game development or real-time project.

The Viking spirit and outstanding skills of Limbheim has connected their team with ours in the most organic way as, together, we bring Eternal Vikings to life.

Floating Rock Studio

When looking ahead to the future of the metaverse, the ability to create
outstanding, dynamic visual environments is fundamental to the success
of any project, business and idea in the space.

Floating Rock Studio is a boutique animation studio known for their ability to bring a story to life through pre-visualisation, high quality animation and cinematography. The Wellington, New Zealand based studio consists of a small senior team of creatives, who each have decades of collective experience working on Blockbuster films.